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2-4 Players take turns throwing bags from the pitchers boxes in an attempt to land bags on or in the opposite board. Points are awarded for each successful bag. The first player or team to 21 points wins.


  • Games are broken into innings or frames.  

  • Each inning, players alternate throwing a bag until each player has thrown four. 

  • The bags must be thrown with an under-hand release from within the pitchers box. 

  • Players can throw from either pitchers box, but must throw all bags from the same pitchers box in an inning.

  • The first player to throw is the player/team that scored last or if it is the first inning then players determine who throws first. 

  • After all bags are thrown, the score for the inning is determined and added to the game score.

  • If playing single (2 players),  players switch ends and throw to the opposite boards for the next inning. 

  • If playing as teams (4 players, 2 players per team),  the players partners throw back to the opposite boards, while the previous players step out of the pitchers box areas. 


Game Play


Violations & Penalties

  • A bag lying on top of the board is worth 1 point. 

  • A bag that goes through the hole in the board is worth 3 points. 

  • A bag can be pushed into the hole by another thrown bag during play and the bag pushed into the hole will count as 3 points for the owning player. 

  • A bag can be pushed off of the board by another thrown bag during play and the bag off the board will no longer count for scoring. 

  • Inning scoring is "cancellation scoring".  

    • The inning score is added to each player/team's game score.

    • The player with the fewer number of points in the inning receives zero. 

    • The player with the higher number of points, receives an inning score of their points minus the points of the other player.  ​

  • Example​: 

    • Player 1 has 2 bags on the board and 1 bag in the hole for 2 + 3 = 5 points​

    • Player 2 has 1 bag on the board and 1 bag in the hole for 1 + 3 = 4 points

    • Player 2  has fewer points then Player 1 and receives 0 for the inning

    • Player 1 receives 5 - 4 = 1 point for the inning

When either player/team's score exceeds 21 points the game is over and that player/team is the winner.  There is NO requirement to score exactly 21 points or win by 2.

  • Violations or fouls:

    • stepping outside the pitchers box (over the foul line) while throwing

    • A bag the comes into contact with the ground before landing on or in the board (i.e. bounces) 

  • A foul or violation causes the currently thrown bag to be immediately removed from play for the inning. ​



Two boards, each board is 2 by 4 feet with a 6 inch hole centered 9 inches from the top and 12 inches from either side.  The board is angled with top edge being 12 inches from the ground and bottom edge 3-4 inches. 



Two sets of four bags, each bag is fabric exterior 6 by 6 inches filled with corn kernels or other material (e.g. plastic resin) weighting 15-16 ounces.  Each set of bags will be a different color/pattern for easy identification for scoring.


Field of Play: 

Boards are placed 27 feet apart from front-edge to front-edge.  This places the board holes 33 feet apart.  The pitching boxes are the area to either side for the boards and are 3 wide by 4 feet (length of board). 

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