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Tournaments  & Equipment

Welcome to

College Cornhole

We have enjoyed this game for many years with family and friends.  Our mission is to spread the fun of tournaments across  campuses and local communities.  We run events in partnership with college clubs to assist in their fund-raising needs. 



Our boards are designed for college-campuses with improvements both on weight, and skid-resistant design for harder surfaces like in rec centers or sidewalks.  University logos of your choice  can be added to our highly finished surface with top quality materials.  Bags are two sided material, one side skid  resistant and the other side a softer fabric with University logos of your choice.


We like to get into the school spirit!  Made-to-order  boards can  be  tailored to a logo of your choice.  Bags vary but will include school lettering.  Other logos for boards and bags evaluated upon request. 

Tournaments all year-round

We run tournaments with up to 100  teams... with cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and raffles twice  during the event with nice prizes aimed for college students.  

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